ClipX is a clipboard manager which an keeps history of your clipboard. The Windows clipboard can manage only one copy record, if you find this feature limited then ClipX is for you!

ClipX is a tool which allows you to keep an history of your clipboard copies. The classical Windows clipboard deletes the previous copy since you hit CTRL+C to replace it with the new one.

Sometimes this is not what I want. For instance, I usually need to do multiple Copy/Paste in Visual Studio and this is where ClipX come to the point.

Moreover text, ClipX is also able to copy images.

ClipX is available for Windows platforms (x86 and x64).

You can download it from the author website.


26 juin, 2011 11:30

Could be usefull...

Thanks "La BibLe" :p

19 juil., 2011 06:39

Happy you liked it !

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